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I followed a 12 week eating and exercising plan from Chantal van Rooyen. The first 3 weeks was hard to get into the routine and habit of exercising, especially trying to eat healthy meals, because the cravings was really getting to me. From week 4 I started enjoying the exercising, I looked forward to it, my kids loved exercising with me throughout the 12 weeks, and that kept me motivated to carry on and not give up. Eating healthy was still a bit of a struggle, especially on weekends as we live a very social life. It started getting easier when I got my close friends to join in and help motivate me. I feel totally transformed after these 12 weeks! I have so much more energy, my body feels lighter and I genuinely feel good. I also started keeping a recipe book with my favorite healthy meals and these meals have now become family favorites and regulars. It was a complete lifestyle transformation for me and my family! Thank you Chantal for this experience!
Charlene Richards
Danksy Chantal se eetplan asook oefenplan het ek ‘n leefstyl aangeleer wat vir my baie gemaklik is, en gerieflik in my eie huis gedoen kan word. Haar oefenplan pas gemaklik in my daaglikse roetine en die verandering in my lyf is verbasend. Chantal het my met haar oefeninge vinnig uit my gemaksone gehaal en gewys dat ek selfs op 42 fiks en ferm kan wees. Sy het my geduldig touwys gemaak oor hoe om elke oefening reg te doen en watter oefen kombinasies lekker saam werk. Ek is baie meer energiek en voel fantasties.  Het defnitief volharding geleer saam met haar J. Chantal is ‘n ware inspirasie en voorbeeld.
Chantal has assisted me with my weight, health, and fitness and is only a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and caring, and has provided me with programs that are not only manageable and realistic but also produces good results. She is always happy to offer advice and provide assistance and follows up regularly. She is excellent at what she does and I would highly recommend.
"Before I started the NuFit 28day Jump Start Challenge I was not an active person who had no energy, no self confidence and was lazy. Once I started the challenge within the first week I had energy, was more positive and active. I have never been a person who exercises well I love it now. Exercise refreshes you mind and body and spirit. As for the food well the food is yummy and easy to prepare and not expensive at all cause it's our normal day to day food. The eating plan has made me not want to peck on food or over eat. The portion sizes are perfect and leaves you feeling satisfied and not over full. It also has taught me to eat correct foods and also how to eat what with what. So to end off I feel like I am becoming a new person, and this is not a diet it's a life style change for the good. I have lost 8kg and 67cm in the 28days and feeling much better in all aspects and continuing to improve. Thank you so much Chantal Van Rooyen and Charlene Richards for the amazing support and motivation"
Kylie Hutton

Wonderful and life changing program. Thoroughly enjoyed every meal, didnt feel hungry at all and had delicious meals every day. Start to a better and healthier me with Nufit… Best decision ever!  – Marietjie

“More Chantal… BAIE dki vir jou aanmoediging en motivering…..ek wardeer dit regtig baie.” Lizan