Choosing the right Kitchen utensils


What is the perfect Kitchen utensils for every household?


Essential item in any kitchen. It makes cooking and prep work so much easier and more efficient. It is a good idea to have different sized knives as each one has a different function. Large knives can do the bigger jobs like cutting pumpkin/ butternut or melons. Where a smaller knive is perfect for removing skins and pips.


It is recommended to have sepeerate boards for meats and fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent contamination.

Plastic boards are cheap so it is easy to have a few different ones & when they look overused it is easy to replace.

Glass boards they look good but blunt your knives & don’t have a lot of grip when cutting.

Wooden boards are great. They are gentle on you knive and they also have natural antibacterial properties and can last a long time if you look after uour board properly.


A good non-stick frying pan makes cooking so much easier and enjoyable. Good quality frying pans cook your food evenly & are generally much easier to clean.


Such a versatile gadget. You can use it to make sauces, smoothies, dips and nut butters. Remember that the power of the blender will make a huge difference so try and get the best quality that you can afford.


Slices your fruit and vegetables super fine in no time. And most mandolines comes out with a julienne peeler


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