November – Diabetes Month

November is Diabetes Awareness month Lets chat a bit more about Diabetes. Shocking numbers: It is estimated that about 366 million people around the world have diabetes and according to the IDF (International Diabetes Federation) it is predicted that about 552 million people will suffer from diabetes by 2030. Approximately 3.85million people between the ages [...]

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Importance of Rest & Recover after exercising

REST & RECOVERY "REST" a word that is often perceived by fitness enthusiasts as a dirty word, fearing that they will lose all of their hard earned fitness in an instant. Rest and revovery is probably the two most under-rated aspects in training. Rest can easily be defined as a combination of sleep and time [...]


BREAKFAST MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! During a busy morning, it is easy to let breakfast fall low in your priority list, but taking just a few minutes to eat something can really make a difference to your day. Try to start your car without petrol. Your body is the same, without breakfast your [...]

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