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NuFit have been founded by Chantal Ferguson, a registered Dietician within the Health Professionals Council of South Africa. Chantal has a passion for personal health and nutrition, health and fitness, and sport development and performance.

Her main objective is creating awareness in healthy lifestyles and assisting all age levels in leading balanced and healthy lifestyles. NuFit are dedicated to supporting their patients to achieve their personal, fitness and nutritional goals.

Being active is what we stand for, to be better than yesterday, to act today, to make a positive decision towards a healthy lifestyle which will only bring you one day closer to a more energetic, vibrant and balanced individual you intend to be. “

  • Healthy eating patterns in all age groups

  • Optimal childhood health and growth

  • Nutritious, delicious and easy eating plans

  • Prevention in obesity and eating disorders

  • High quality fitness and physical performance

  • Confidence and self-motivation

  • Stress management and anxiety

  • Providing you with all the tools to achieve your goals


NuFit have been founded by Chantal van Rooyen, a registered Dietician within the Health Professionals Council of South Africa; Pr No; 084 000 046 1970.    She completed her Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Dietetics at the University of the Free State. And is a certified practitioner in Diabetes and Endocrinology, ACCU-CHEK coaching for Healthcare professionals as well as Discovery Vitality Dietician and a sought after Certified Personal Trainer.

Chantal’s true passion is making a difference in children and adults life by assisting them in achieving their personal and nutritional goals. To help all age levels to establish a balanced lifestyle through fitness, eating wholesome and healthy foods but most of all to experience their particular bests through living healthy and active lives and to truly find their inner strength and vitality each and every one contain within.

Chantal’s special interests include –

  • Sport Nutrition
  • Sport Performance and Fitness
  • Diabetes
  • Weight Loss

Chantal are a sought after sportswoman where she has participated in various sport achievements such as 1st Netball team (Hostal) of University of Free State; Shodan – First Black belt in Karate, and represented Southcity Christian School’s 1st Netball Team as their coach in 2013.

Chantal is registered on the Discovery Vitality network.  You can contact her to do a Vitality Nutrition Assessment and earn points towards your “gold” status.

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